GAIA stands for Joung Architects and Engineers Associated - is a firm founded by two associate directors: Dario Cazzaro and Emanuel Finotto, the first architect and the last engineer. The practice is operative in the construction field, and has completed numerous projects; furthermore, it has deep experience concerning the building site supervision and project management for residential, industrial, commercial buildings and for infrastructures.

GAIA PROGETTI handled many different typologies of commission: structural surveys supported by advanced equipment, restoration and renovation of public and private buildings, design of big industrial structures, evaluation of damaged buildings, safety regulations and protection against seismic events.

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The technical and cultural heritage gained by the associates and the collaborators during their professional experience is the fundamental basis for GAIA PROGETTI, a young practice, enlivened by a deep passion and always looking for new challenges.

The practice is made up of a highly multidisciplinary staff of creative professionals, in order to face every aspect of the building process, using Laser Scanner technology to survey, the main software products for CAD drawing, calculation and Building Information Modelling (BIM), photorendering.

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